Beth Laberge

Water polo ‘more than our win-loss record’

The Laney College Women’s Water Polo team saw plenty of improvement in their match at home against Merced College on Sept. 19, despite losing the match 16–2.

“We are so much more than our win- loss record,” said coach Beth Laberge.

During the match, and despite treading water for minutes at a time, the team was constantly yelling instructions to one another, either to ask for the ball or to tell someone to take a shot when they were open.

“We’re gonna be out-matched nearly every time this season, but that’s not the point,” Laberge said.

Instead, she stressed the importance of community and confidence that she sees as more of a focus for Laney’s team.

“Some of us need to gain some more confidence, we’re sorta timid,” she said. “When people have a chance to make a shot, then they need to know it’s their moment, yes, take it!”

Come watch the Laney Eagles Water Polo team has their next home match at 3 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 28, against Ohlone College.