Ahmari Davis is Good, Young Talent for Lobo Football

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - Lobo football fans might hear the name Ahmari Davis a lot in 2018. The talented running back will experience his first season in Lobos cherry and silver. "Ahmari Davis is as talented as any back we have if you just put the ball in his hands and say run with the ball," said UNM head football coach Bob Davie. "That's the good news and really the bottom line, that's great news."

Davis is a red shirt junior who is getting adjusted to division one football at New Mexico. "The difference is everyone is fast," said Davis. "You have to be more efficient with your reads, you cuts, especially as a running back." Davis transferred to New Mexico from Laney College in Oakland, California. The school is known for having good talent. "They play a high, high level of football," said Davie.

Davie also acknowledged there still was a learning curve from junior college to division one football. Davis is coming along fine. He has put a lot of time in the game, starting from an early age. "I was seven years old when I started playing football," said Davis. "I knew I wanted to be a running back because I was always faster than a lot of people. I was always that type of person, just try to get away. Give me the ball and I would just take off running and that's how I kind of knew. I kind of wanted to play quarterback too, but running back just stuck with me ever since."

Coach Davie believes it can take his young running back a long way. He controls his destiny because he does have that kind of talent level," said Davie. "We've been pushing him pretty hard on all the little things." The Lobos open the season when they host Incarnate Word September 1.